Goods for People and the Planet

Our toys are all handmade by REAL people! How awesome is that!

Dashdu are an Australian family owned and operated business located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

In our studio we design toys to inspire your child’s imagination and creativity.

We have formed a partnership with Kalyan, a business-savvy owner in Nepal, Kathmandu. He employs local women in his family-owned workshop.

Head-designer Maiya oversees a team of warm, resourceful and highly skilled female artisans who handcraft our designs into artistic pieces.  

Each high-quality toy is lovingly felted from pure wool with only soap and water, shaped and naturally dried in the sunshine into a beautiful playable collection.



We love people and the planet and our all-natural fun toys are ethically sourced, compostable, and plastic free.

We offer a fair price for goods to enhance the lives of these amazing talented artisans who can financially support their families and send their children to school.

How it's made matters.

Thank you for your support.


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