Colour me happy

For most of us, a looming birthday party invitation can be a last-minute dash to a large chain store, to buy some trendy, poorly made toy. Doomed to be lost at the bottom of the wardrobe or eventually added to the 'spring clean out' pile or worse landfill .... gasp! You also don't want to have to stretch your finances to pay for whatever you decide on.

A felt toy from Dashdu, is sustainable, non-toxic, all-natural and fun. That who knows, may receive a gasp of Delight, BIG smiles and get the reassuring nod from a grateful parent.

Think cute dinosaurs, small world play and felt fruit to inspire a world of imagination and creative play. Soft, durable for generations and little Sunny has already run off to show everyone his new dinosaur


The good news is siblings can also enjoy the toys with a creative collection of mini stegosaurus, mini brontosaurus and mini dinosaurs so there won’t be any sharp elbows or tears.

Yep, it may just make you the ‘cool’ mum, perhaps boost your child’s street cred, and being handcrafted in a family-owned Kathmandu workshop, makes your decision even more heart-warming.

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