Our love of wool

Our loveable, eco-friendly toys are made from 100% pure wool and dyed with all-natural colours.

Wool is a beautiful natural material for play and this is why:

It is sensory, soft and pleasing to touch yet is robust and durable.
The natural occuring lanolin in sheeps fleece repels water, bacteria, dust and dirt.  
It is a renewable, sustainable and non-toxic textile.

At Dashdu our products have been tested rigorously and meet strict toy safety standards.

We say yes to fabrics that will return to the earth when it is time.  As a natural product, organically made, our toys will break down in the environment over time.

Each toy is individually handmade free from polyester, petroleum-based fabrics and plastics which is a no for the environment. With a focus on zero waste, every purchase is a step toward caring for people and the planet.



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