Baby Shower Gifting

Love to give something special without the gift hunting nightmare. You don’t want to just grab the typical baby gift, especially when you know every other mum will be doing that. You also don’t want to have to stretch your finances to pay for whatever you decide on.

Our favourite gift, that will make YOU a ‘cool’ friend, auntie, cousin, or niece is an Australian designed Dashdu felt dinosaur, after all ‘it’s only natural’, sustainable and ethical which probably will get a gasp of delight from the new Mumma.


Make her Smile on an all-night ‘shift’ feeding and settling her newborn, when she collapses exhausted into the rocking chair and gazes around the nursery to settle her eyes on the colourful and CUTE dinosaur. Who knows she may even have a Giggle… 

Handcrafted from pure wool by warm, resourceful, and highly skilled female artisans within a family-owned workshop in Kathmandu gives this cute gift even more heart-warming cred.



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