A Happy New Year!


We are excited at Dashdu HQ this week with our beautiful Kathmandu family sending us more Mini Dinosaurs!

I liken it to receiving an adorable, fluffy and delightful Puppy on Your Birthday.

A rainbow of eight gorgeous and bold colours, ALL-NATURAL ... of course. A cute collection to brighten a room, provide lots of fun and colour your day! 

We have unpacked our Mini Dinosaurs with open arms and big smiles. Each individual handcrafted Dino is as unique as you are.

We also have NEW Bigger Felt Fruit, so it is now more Fun for little ones to gather, count, sort and role play in their own little world.

Big and soft Olly Orange, Adam Apple, Belle Blueberry, Penelope Plum, Perry Pear, Sophia Strawberry and Bentley Banana are fast becoming a gorgeous and popular alternative to 'icky' plastic toys. 


At the end of each month we will draw 1 lucky winner who will receive $40 to spend at Dashdu.

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