About Us

Designers of open-ended toys with people and the planet in mind. 

Dashdu is an Australian Family owned and operated business located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We design felt toys which are ethically made in Nepal, to inspire your child's imagination and creativity. These bright and beautiful, all-natural toys are handmade, compostable and plastic free.  

Our story begun from a many, many years ago friendship with a Nepalese family in Kathmandu. Over the years our designs and inspirations may have evolved, however we still have the same beliefs to offer natural, open-ended toys that bring joy!

It was in 2018 when we first met Kalyan, a business-savvy owner in Nepal, his family and the local female artisans at their beautiful workshop on the hillside of Kathmandu. These women are warm, resourceful and highly skilled artisans. We now have the joy and privilege of showcasing their skills and talent to a global market. 

We offer a fair price for goods to enhance the lives of these highly skilled artisans who can financially support their families and send their children to school.

Alot of our customers ask how we chose the name 'Dashdu', well it really is the heart of what we are all about - children! 

Children have so much energy, their little lives are super busy. Dashing, dancing, skipping, running, spinning and singing. They never stop except when they sleep and those muppets are always Doing, playing, creating, dreaming, building, drawing ... you get the picture. So ... Dash and du

We love that we know the REAL people behind our products and we're proud to provide felt dinosaurs, small world play and felt fruit toys within our growing collection.

Good for People and our Planet.