About Us

Designers of open-ended toys with people and the planet in mind. 


We are passionate about all-natural toys that encourage children to learn and explore their world with a smile on their face. 

Alot of our friends ask how we chose our business name 'Dashdu', well it really is the heart of what we are all about - children! 

It was a late night brainstorm that we concluded Dashdu was a good fit. Our children have so much energy, their little lives are busy, Dashing, dancing, skipping, running, spinning and singing. They never stop except when they sleep and those muppets are always Doing, playing, creating new worlds, building huts, drawing, digging in the garden at the beach. Yep, they Dash here and there and they are always Doing.

Instead of a 'Do' we chose 'Du' to reflect the last two letters of Kathmandu where these beautiful toys are all handcrafted by our highly skilled, warm and resourceful female artisans. 

Dashdu are an Australian family owned and operated business located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

Our collection is designed to inspire your child's imagination and creativity. These beautiful, all-natural toys are ethically sourced, compostable, toxin and plastic free.  

Kalyan is a business-savvy owner in Kathmandu, Nepal. He employs local women in his family-owned workshop who handcraft our pure wool products. 

We have formed a partnership, that offers a fair price to enhance the lives of these highly skilled artisans and to showcase their amazing talent and skills to a global market. 

We love that we know the REAL people behind our products and we're proud to provide high-quality felt dinosaurs, small world play and felt fruit toys within our growing collection.